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Dyon Motors specializes in locating, refurbishing, and meticulously restoring premium quality vehicles.

We are proud to provide premium quality vehicles at discounted rates. Interested in a specific type of vehicle? Drop us a note and we will work with you to source, refurbish and deliver the vehicle of your dreams.

Ben Dyon - President, Dyon Motors
Most Popular Services

Turn-key vehicle sourcing and refurbishing

Our ASE Certified Technicians meticulously review and repair premium vehicles. Once the vehicles have been returned to their former glory, we provide cost-effective pricing and freight services to ensure your dream car is just a click away.

System Diagnostics

All of our vehicles have been meticulously reviewed and checked to ensure an optimal driving experience.

Body Work

Our collision technicians examine all vehicles and replace any panels or surface areas with OEM parts.

Tire and Wheel Repair

The right set of wheels and tires can provide a lasting impression. We replace and repair rims and tires to factory specs.

Paint and Finishing

A fresh coat of paint and clear coat can be a game changer. Our vehicles are freshly touched up and painted to help you drive your dream day in and day out.

Guaranteed Service

We work with OEM's and aftermarket warranty providers on a daily basis to ensure your vehicle is protected and reliable today, tomorrow and in the future.

Engine Diagnostics

Error codes be gone. Our tech team analyzes and diagnoses pesky error lights and ensures your vehicle performs efficiently and correctly.


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